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PVS-14 4g Echo Un-Filmed Auto-Gated White Phosphor Monocular PVS-14 4g Echo Un-Filmed Auto-Gated White Phosphor Monocular

Photonis 4g Echo technology is specifically designed to address the stringent requirements of the special operations community. Photonis 4g Echo Technology offers ultra-fast Auto-Gating, the smallest Halo, and the spectral range varying from ultraviolet to near infrared. Get your hands on the most cost effective and high-performing Night Vision Device on the market today.

Standard PVS-14 accessory kit included with purchase: Monocular, headmount, transfer arm, soft case, shoulder strap, brow pads, eye cup, objective lens cap, lanyard, demist shield, sacrificial window, lens tissue, AA Batteries (2) & ops manual.

Photonis 4g Echo Image Tube Performance Specs:
Resolution: 62lp (min) -Signal-To-Noise: 28 (min)

MSRP: $3,299.00
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